Creating excellence in healthcare relies upon proactive clinical communication and effective workflows.

Where are you heading?

Exceptional healthcare providers are dedicated to the continuous improvement of clinical, economical and operational outcomes to improve quality of care. This can be a challenge, based on limited time, resources and increasing patient expectations.
Connexall addresses this through 360°Connexall… an engagement program delivering interactive workshops and hands-on planning activities to help you create a customized, full-circle healthcare plan of excellence.

Why choose 360°Connexall?

With an extensive history of innovation and deployment in over 1,500 healthcare facilities worldwide, Connexall helps healthcare providers achieve and maintain their 2019 National Patient Safety Goals, reduce alarm fatigue, improve operational efficiency and increase staff and patient satisfaction.

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Learn about Alarm Management best practices

Engage with our clinical communication and technical experts to understand how hospitals are benefiting from Connexall, and trends that may impact your facility.
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Uncover new opportunities for improvement and efficiency

Participate in discovery sessions to help diagnose current issues and identify potential future paths.
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Combine it all into a patient-centric action plan

Our 360° approach ensures that all aspects of discovery, assessment and measurement are clearly documented to help drive your success and map out future goals.

How does it work?

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Discovery Workshop

A hands-on, interactive session intended to assess your facility and existing workflows.

Proof Of Value Session

We’ll consider your facility’s challenges and potential while focusing on creating a patient-centric healthcare plan. 

Customized Roadmap

You will be provided with a customized plan that outlines proposed solutions to address your pain points.