5 key takeaways we learned at HIMSS

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5 key takeaways we learned at HIMSS

Our team was proud to represent Connexall and meet our customers at HIMSS this year – and we learned a lot. Continue reading to find out more about our 5 key takeaways from HIMSS 2019.

  1. Healthcare facilities must focus on being proactive, instead of reactive.
  2. Emerging early warning and artificial intelligence technologies at HIMSS allow caregivers to respond to alerts before a critical event occurs. This means that serious and sudden life-threatening situations can be greatly reduced and even eradicated, and patients can heal much faster. How can healthcare providers be proactive to ensure that facilities are always functioning at their optimum level? Connexall integrates to artificial intelligence systems such as VigiLanz and Visensia, to notify clinicians when a patient is at risk of a critical event occurring in the future. Our software also integrates to building and IT systems to notify when critical equipment is out of compliance. This ensures that the facility is always functioning at its best, and problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and before they have any real impact on the patient experience.

  3. The Power of Partners.
  4. When it comes to healthcare, we all collectively have one focus: providing the best quality of care to patients. When innovators and providers team up, the strengths of each team can be pulled to produce even greater results. Through the collaboration of a strong ecosystem of partners, healthcare facilities can compliment each other and produce new connected technologies that will enhance quality of care. Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date on our latest partner integrations.

  5. The importance of Data & Analytics.
  6. This year at HIMSS, we noticed a big push for Data & Analytics. With a robust Data & Analytics package, facilities are able to predict patient flow patterns, analyse, interpret and deliver data in a meaningful way, to increase productivity, reduce alarm fatigue, and drive evidence-based decision making. At Connexall, our team of experts will work with you to leverage data collected through our platform. Click here to learn more.

  7. We’re humanizing technology.
  8. The patient-provider relationship is important. It is critical that healthcare technologies fit seamlessly within existing workflows to reduce the amount of time needed for caregivers to learn and understand any new system. This way, caregivers can get back to spending more time with their patients and give them the care they need. At Connexall, we work closely with clinicians to understand their workflow in order to be able to enhance it, therefore improving quality of care indefinitely.

  9. Don’t just accept innovation – Embrace it.
  10. Emerging tech is everywhere. Exhibitors introduced new IoT tools, cloud-based technologies, artificial intelligence systems, interoperability tools, mood recognition systems, wearables, and telemedicine offerings. With so much technology available to us, it is important that we embrace it and do our best to gather as much information as possible about it so that we can push our society forward. At Connexall, we believe that a connected community is a strong community.

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