Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Robust reporting is vital in defining best practices for alarm management and workflows. Connexall’s Data & Analytics suite provides the ability to measure responses with the granularity needed to achieve specific goals and meet Joint Commission mandates.
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Key Features

Compliment your Connexall integrations with Data and Analytics capabilities. Connexall captures data in real-time and records information of every interaction and activity that has happened during an event’s life time – from alarm trigger to cancellation/completion of task. Reports can be viewed in real-time and show a trend of KPIs and specific measurements over time.

Measure Hospital Performance

Example: 16% of alarms were cancelled after dispatch. These alarms could have been suppressed if a longer suspend time was implemented. If this change is made, caregivers will receive less nuisance alarm notifications.

Alarm Fatigue Reduction

Find out where alarms are being triggered from and which caregivers are responding. Using Connexall Data & Analytics, managers can make evidence-based decisions like applying the Connexall suspend feature to diferent alarm types to mitigate alarm fatigue.

Customize to your facility

Key performance indicators are different with every unique Connexall integration. New data models can be designed and built to support and collect data required for each individual Connexall application at your site.
Reports Image Displayed on Screen
Reports Image Displayed on Screen


Connexall collects detailed data from everything that happens throughout the life of an event. it is because of this that Connexall reports are the best tool for troubleshooting. Connexall reports use specific key performance indicators show and compare important results.

Make Evidence Based Decisions

Example: Connexall analytics tools allow clinical teams to simulate different alarm suspend durations to compare results of dispatched alarms. Improvement strategies can be created based on evidence generated results.

Using reports, managers can find out measurements like response times to alarms, types of alarms triggered, type of caregiver required/responded, etc, which can help improve efficiency of organizational tasks.

Reporting Packages

View analytics that matter to your sites workflow. With Connexall Data and Analytics, you can measure hospital performance, reduce alarm fatigue with evidence-based improvement strategies, troubleshoot and improve workflows, and customize KPIs to reflect unique Connexall integrations.

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Alarm Management Report Package

Showcase key measurements of Connexall Alarm Management applications.
  • Several different alarm reports
  • Interactive interface

CNS Performance Reporting Package

Monitor and troubleshoot Connexall Notifcation Server Performance.

  • Compare different channels and times
  • Exporting capability

Transport Reporting Package

Provide daily performance updates of your site’s transport department.

  • Customized reports
  • Uses Connexall Standard Web Reporting Package

Telemetry Surveillance Reporting Package

Show detailed Telehub performance and activity.
  • Customized reports
  • Drill down to view more detail

Patient Flow Reporting Package

Analyze important information on patient flow.
  • View details on patient hospital stay and wait times
  • View new information daily

Connexall Standard Web Reporting Package

View analytics that matter to your site’s workflow.
  • Over 30 report templates
  • Performance enhancement
  • Improved visual design
  • Extended flexibility

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