Clinical Alarms - A Connexall® Solution

Alarm Management For Healthcare

Alarm Management

Hospitals need to manage and respond to myriad alarms on a daily basis - clinical staff needs the right information at the right time to appropriately triage multiple requests at a single point in their day. Connexall dramatically improves alarm management strategy and communication for hospitals by consolidating contextual information from multiple sources and presenting it to staff resulting in efficient and reliable responses to the alerts.

Whether you need to integrate your nurse call system to in-house wireless phones, send alerts about patients’ vital signs to clinicians’ mobile devices, or keep a neonatal nurse aware of dramatic changes in a baby’s vital stats no matter where she is, there is a Connexall solution that fits. Completely flexible and scalable, Connexall solutions are custom designed to support your workflows, clinical needs, and existing equipment. Connexall also provides nurse managers data from multiple systems combined into a single database for simple KPI and regulatory reporting.