Patient Monitoring Integration - A Connexall® Solution

Connecting healthcare environments to the power of Connexall

Patient Monitoring

As more healthcare facilities adopt new tools to improve care, staff are expected to operate multiple diagnostic systems, communication devices, alarm systems, and manage patient requests. Unfortunately, multiple systems and constant overhead pages make it harder than ever for staff to prioritize their workload. Connexall integrates multiple tools and technologies, resulting in immediate patient-to-staff communications, complete nurse mobility, and a quieter healing environment for patients.

As patient calls get answered — by the right person, at the right time – quality of care and patient satisfaction improve significantly. Would you like to improve staff ability to access patient information while staying mobile? Integrating your diagnostic equipment means clinicians can conduct assessments en route to patients. On or off-site, staff can continue to receive critical data updates securely, making it easier than ever to respond to sudden changes in patient conditions. By integrating to a nearly-infinite number of systems and devices, Connexall lets you extend the life of your current systems and optimize the performance of ALL of your devices.