Connexall Reporting

Robust reporting is vital in defining best practices for alarm management and event notification.

Connexall's reporting suite provides the ability to measure responses with the granularity needed to achieve these goals and meet the Joint Commission mandates. Further enhancing our offering, Connexall has introduced SSRS reporting (SQL Server Reporting Services)  with the latest release. SSRS is a set of readymade tools that allow you to create, organize and manage ad-hoc and production reports that can be viewed via any web browser, can be exported into various formats (Excel, PDF, Word, etc.) and can be shared via email etc.

Connexall's standard reporting package includes performance and event reports that are easy to use and provide the complete details of all alarms and responses to critical events. Connexall's reporting data can also be easily sorted, filtered, and drilled down into allowing for customized report layouts based on your facility's needs. Each event that occurs is time-stamped and logged in real time. All notifications, user and device responses, escalations, retries and closure events pertaining to these events are also time-stamped and stored in the reporting database.

Connexall's detailed reporting capabilities are an efficient, simple way to identify, assess and address inefficiencies, staffing concerns and process bottlenecks and it will help improve your key performance indicators.

Below are just a few samples of Connexall reports that are available. With Connexall's standard reports along with the easily customizable reports, options are limitless. Connexall can run Standard Reports, Auto Generate Reports, Email Reports, Historical Reports and Exclusion Reports from any hospital networked computer:

Device Notification Summary Report

Sample Report 1: A historical summary illustrating Device activity over a 24 hour period


Callpoint Activation Summary Report

Sample Report 2: A historical summary illustrating Callpoint Activation by Location over a 24 hour period