Other Applications

Other Applications

How can Connexall help your industry?

Connexall is an intelligent workflow automation platform and a leading alarm and event notification system. Not only does Connexall trigger real-time and customizable notifications to the right people or devices, it also allows two-way communication features such as acknowledge, escalation and cancel, anytime, anywhere. Every action is time-stamped and converted into meaningful data for reporting analysis.

Through increased efficiencies and improved communication, Connexall enhances your community’s safety and co-workers’ satisfaction by reducing response time, operating costs, enhancing internal investigative procedures and monitoring capabilities, ultimately improving the life cycle of utilities while achieving better outcomes to your facility and business.

Emergency Notification

Mass Notification

Mass notification

Enhanced safety and security by dispatching real-time alerts to a myriad of systems. Connexall allows alerts to send instant notification, regardless of the means of communication or the number of devices.

Building Evacuation

Building Evacuation / Overtime Fan-Out

By broadcasting important alerts Connexall ensure the safety of all building occupants. These alerts allow a clear direction, avoid false alarm and reduce chaos in complicated scenarios.

Man Down


Connexall allows monitoring and tracking of staff that may be subject to attack or injury. Through a panic button allows Connexall to broadcast alerts that allow other staff to act quickly.

Secure Text Messaging

Secure Text

Secure Text-Messaging

Connexall provides a safe and efficient way of exchanging information via our mobile app. Connexall will make sure that your communication is safe from eavesdropping or interception, meeting regulatory guidelines.

Facilities Management & Plant Services

Building Automation

Building Automation

Connexall provides an intelligent building automation system, reducing the chance of human or electronic error. Notifications are sent instantly when thresholds are reached allowing fast response times.


Asset Control / Location

The ability to identify assets and staff in real time using RTLS, allow Connexall to monitor and generate relevant alarms based on real time data when an event trigger the configuration and rules on Connexall.

Centralized Switchboard

Centralized Switchboard

Connexall capabilities allow to centralize all events into a single switchboard. This allows to receive updates from multiple facilities and systems in to a unique central location.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Connexall will monitor systems to ensure they are operational, preventing equipment and machinery malfunction. Once an issue is detected Connexall will notify your team in real time to avoid a major breakdown.

Workflow Communications

Business Workflow

Business Workflow

Connexall improve workflow, communication, enhance staff and customer safety, through instant alarm notification. This allows to leverage existing systems and devices already in the facility. Connexall is a powerful solution that suits several business areas.


Surveys & Reminder

Connexall can contact customers with an automatic survey or reminder, via text, voice or email. This allow to be more successful by improving the customer experience and satisfaction.

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