Our Covid-19 Hub

We continue to work with our customers to understand and support their COVID-19 requirements, ensuring that their patients and frontline staff are safe.

Rapid deployment, seamless integration and immediate 24/7 support remain our top priorities. Recent examples of how we have helped our customers include:

  • Conversion – several customers asked for assistance with the conversion of operating rooms to COVID-19 isolation rooms. Our team has provided solutions to help reduce the amount of time that a hospital’s staff spends in an isolation room.
  • Expansion – as hospitals expand into more units to increase patient capacity, we have helped by ensuring rapid integration with their ventilators and telemetry monitoring systems. This has helped with sending alarms and alerts to front line staff from ad hoc locations.
  • Communication – our customers requested greater protection for their staff while transporting patients. Connexall notifications include COVID-19 patient status to ensure that staff are better prepared, prior to transporting patients.

Please let us know how we can help you.


Access information about Connexall and how operates using friendly-simple visuals, simplifying complex concepts and providing an overall awareness of the  capabilities and benefits of this powerful product on our facility and workflow. 


Here is where we share our knowledge, experience, and news.

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