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We have been monitoring the outbreak carefully and understand the ever-changing requirements. We also work closely with our customers to ensure that we are prepared to address any of their needs, ensuring that patients and frontline staff are safe.

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Since COVID-19 started to affect our customers, they have been finding new problems that often need to be solved urgently. Dedicated to helping them through this crisis, we design, build, and refine custom solutions that are right for them and their needs.

Learn about some of the ways we are helping with the current situation.


Some of our customers asked for assistance with the conversion of operating rooms to COVID-19 isolation rooms. Additionally, we provided solutions to help reduce the amount of time that staff spend in isolation rooms.

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As hospitals expand into more units to increase patient capacity, we have helped customers by ensuring rapid integration into ventilators and telemetry monitoring systems. This allows for seamless alert notification and quicker response in non-traditional locations.

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Hospitals use Connexall tools to identify and track COVID-19 patients and take appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of transmission.

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What we can do for you

Our enterprise-grade platform has built-in resilience and scalability to support our customers’ needs in the following areas:

Patient alarm management

Our platform integrates into all systems that touch the patient, including nurse call alarms, patient monitor alarms, smart beds, IV pumps, electronic health records, and AI monitor alarms. Other areas include early warning scores to immediately alert caregivers if COVID-19 patient vital signs decline. This effective integration helps hospitals deliver quick responses to critical patient needs.

Patient and staff safety

From notifying staff of critical lab results to tracking the path of infected patients, we are committed to helping hospitals protect their patients and staff. Our data and analytics suite can also help identify the possible source of infection and impacted areas.

Additionally, the Connexall Unit View Whiteboard provides visibility into COVID-19 units, including patient status, room availability, and staff assignments. This is crucial with helping facilities improve patient flow and staff safety. This intuitive and easy-to-use solution can be rapidly deployed to provide a real-time summary board of patient statuses and consolidated user assignments, for any given unit or room.

Patient flow

Whether patients are in traditional hospital rooms or temporary locations during the pandemic, our solutions support and improve patient transport, bed management, and patient tracking.

Risk management and compliance

Connexall ensures that your teams are aware of critical alerts and can respond in real-time. This includes notifying facilities or specific departments when patients or staff are diagnosed with or admitted with COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Update, Going Virtual

As an Essential Services Provider to healthcare facilities around the world, we are proud to support our customers’ COVID-19 requirements. We continue to respond to  customer requests