Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 1

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Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 1

Did you know – ECRI Institute works hard to gather information on how technology, made to help, can also cause harm. Each year ECRI Institute publishes the top 10 technology related hazards. Connexall has been purpose built to help lessen some of these hazards. This year, three of the top ten hazards fall within Connexall’s sphere of influence. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring these topics and the ways that Connexall can help.

Ventilator alarms not set properly = no alarms sent when ventilator fails.

With Connexall, hospitals have the capability to integrate ventilators into their patient alarm management program (along with nurse call systems, patient monitors and pumps). Connexall works directly with newer model vents, to send a variety of alarms (ie. minute-volume, low-pressure) to the appropriate caregiver(s) in real time. Connexall integrates with older model vents when they are plugged in via jack to a nurse call system, however, different vent alarms will appear the same on the caregiver’s device.

Connexall’s ventilator integration capability reduces risk, improves response times, and most importantly, improves patient safety and care.

Connexall records all alarm activity in the hospital’s SQL Server Database, so staff can run reports for the benefit of management, liability and improvement strategies.

MobileConnex puts the power of Connexall in the hands of our customers. MobileConnex provides the critical information that healthcare professionals need at their fingertips allowing them to stay connected to their hospital no matter where they are.

Check back next week for part 2!

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