Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 2

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Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 2

Did you know – ECRI works hard to gather information on how technology, made to help, can also cause harm. Each year ECRI publishes the top 10 technology related hazards. Connexall has been purpose built to help lessen some of these hazards. This year three of the top ten hazards fall within Connexall’s sphere of influence:

7. Improperly customized physiological monitor alarms = missed alarms related to patient health or equipment malfunction.

Connexall excels at helping care teams strike the balance between sending too many alarms to caregivers (specifically nuisance alarms that can lead to alarm fatigue) and too few alarms (which can lead to hazardous conditions being missed). We use a variety of methods, some patented, to help hospitals manage physiological alarms: filtering (including the non-dispatch of low priority alarms and selected alarms when a caregiver is in the room); suspend – with count trigger override; dispatch to nearest available caregiver; centralized alarm management, so there is no need to turn down alarms unnecessarily in order to avoid alarm fatigue. As an additional layer of protection for managers and staff, two additional alarm-related capabilities are available in Connexall: alarm fatigue detection and prediction.

Connexall’s robust alarm-management capability reduces risk, improves response times, and most importantly improves patient safety and care.

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