Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 3

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Top 10 Tech Hazards and How Connexall Can Help: Part 3

Did you know – ECRI works hard to gather information on how technology, that is made to help us, can actually cause harm. Each year ECRI publishes the Top 10 Technology Related Hazards. Connexall has been purpose built to help lessen some of these hazards. This year 3 of the top 10 hazards fall within Connexall’s sphere of influence:

10. Flawed battery charging systems or practices = critical equipment malfunction.

Connexall can be set to alert a technician or caregiver directly, based on low battery power so that the battery can be charged or swapped in a timely fashion. As part of a robust asset management program, Connexall can be customized to proactively send alerts before batteries need to be replaced, reducing the risk of equipment losing power during a critical time.

In addition, Connexall can be used to track and monitor the functionality of hospital equipment and alert when maintenance needs to be done on specific devices.

Connexall’s battery monitoring, asset tracking and equipment heartbeat capabilities reduces risk, maintain equipment performance, and most importantly improves patient safety and care.

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