Version 8

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Enhanced features added to the industry standard in
connected healthcare environments and event notification.

Connexall is an Enterprise-grade alarm management and event notification platform that delivers hospital-wide interoperability to people, systems, tasks, and devices. Connexall is a KLAS Leader in Alarm Management and is trusted in hospitals worldwide. Connexall continues to expand on the tools that customers need to build advanced workflow solutions and deliver enhanced quality of care. Learn what’s new in Version 8.

Refined User Funcionality

Interoperability is essential to ensure seamless integration and value to users. Connexall’s V8 drives continued focus upon improving workflow and user experiences, including:
Enhanced Product Features

Enhanced Product Features

Connexall’s eighth generation release, Version 8.0 (“V8”) includes improved performance and scalability enhancements to support larger and more complex sites. V8 includes improved administration and management tools to increase efficiency at your site.

Improved Safety & Security

The use of mobile devices to access and share patient information across disparate systems continues to increase. For healthcare professionals and their patients, data privacy is critical to maintain confidentiality. Connexall continues to invest in tools to ensure the safe access and exchange of sensitive information between clinical staff, including:


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