Business Insights and Analytics

Enhancing patient care through innovative, all-inclusive data integration and actionable insights

Deliver meaningful insights from integrated system responses to help you achieve strategic objectives and meet regulatory requirements. With relevant data, you can set performance baselines and improve workflow efficiency for greater patient safety and satisfaction.

Key features

Connexall captures operational data from all connected systems and each interaction during an event’s lifecycle. It provides:

    • Linked reports for deep dive into critical data
    • Interactive BI visualizations
    • Simulation tools to facilitate service capacity management and planning
    • 24/7 availability
    • Subscription features

Alarm Management DashBoards

Showcase and understand key metrics that support

  • Wide variety of alarm and analytics tools

  • Simulation tools to assist in alert fatigue reduction strategies and staff allocation

  • Detailed and customizable options for each

  • Alarm and Alert fatigue reduction strategies

  • Other evidence-based strategies to improve the efficiency of organizational tasks and staff allocation

Detailed System Reports

  • Detailed tabular reports that monitor each step of the alarm lifecycle

  • Technical monitoring to ensure connectivity and system performance

  • Wide variety of report templates that can be customized to fit your unique analytics requirements

Specialized Solutions including:

Patient Transport and Environmental Services

Provide daily performance updates of your site’s patient transport and environmental services department.

  • Staff, room, and unit-based reports in an easy-to-understand package
  • Detailed reports for each clean or transport request

Telemetry Packages

Details on Telehub/telemetry technician performance and activity.

  • Customized tools
  • Embedded directly into Connexall desktop clients

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