Connexall, a recognized leader in alarm management and workflow solutions, supports the requirements for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and US Veterans Affairs Department (VA) for an integrated platform that enables safe, effective, and timely communication to unlock superior patient care.

Connexall’s breadth of security and validation are unparalleled in the marketplace.

Our enterprise platform is integrated in more than 20 United States Department of Defense and US Veterans Affairs Department facilities.

“Connexall proudly supports our military customers, allowing them to deliver superior quality of care to military personnel, veterans, and their families. Connexall’s integrations into the United States Department of Defense and VA facilities enables exceptional patient care by equipping staff with the right tools to receive and respond to critical alerts."

David Tavares, Connexall Founder

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Consolidate emergency management and notification systems to immediately notify staff when emergency response is required. Our Enterprise Platform is vendor neutral, and integrates seamlessly to:

• Streamline state emergency flow management;
• Centralize emergency response codes and notifications;
• Keep patients and staff safe.

Unlock superior care for service members and their families by integrating to clinical systems such as electronic health records, nurse call systems, physiological monitors, and real-time location systems.

Connexall supports facilities to provide enhanced patient care, regardless of existing clinical systems and vendors. By remaining completely vendor agnostic, Connexall helps hospitals to:

• Improve staff workflow through real-time communication
• Decrease clinical response time by automating workflows
• Connect disparate systems to fully leverage existing technology investments