Our patented alarm management capabilities have been shown to reduce clinical response times by 90 percent or more. With the unmatched technical ability to integrate to all systems that touch the patient, including but not limited to nurse call, patient monitors, smart beds, IV pumps, EHRs, AI monitor alarms, and more, Connexall leads the way in patient alarm management.

Real-time clinical collaboration

Our solutions are reliable, flexible, and proven to:

  • Reduce clinical alarm fatigue by decreasing alarms dispatched
  • Improve nursing staff satisfaction and reduce turnover
  • Provide nurses with more uninterrupted time to perform their work
  • Save costs by leveraging existing technology

Improve decision making

The integration of existing systems allows for actionable and enterprise-wide analytics. Our patient alarm management solution allows users to make evidence-based decisions, predict outcomes, and simulate alarm configurations.

This is only 1 of our 4 pillars