Benefits by Role

Connexall is unifying clinical communications, workflows and protection to improve care delivery, patient experiences, quality of care, outcomes, and productivity.


The patient is at the heart of everything we do.

Connexall’s enterprise platform is proudly helping top ranked healthcare facilities around the world achieve better patient outcomes, and re-imagining  the patient experience by:

  • Empowering patients using consumer voice assistant technologies such as Alexa
  • Leveraging Connexall’s patented Do Not Notify when Co-Located solution to reduce duplicate alarms in the patients’ rooms resulting in a quieter healing environment.
  • Delivering faster response times to patient requests
  • Integrating into smart beds reduces the risk of patient falls and patient injury

Clinical Care Professionals

Connexall empowers nurses and clinicians to achieve results for their patients by providing a streamlined notification platform by:

  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Responding to and triaging calls and alerts
  • Reaching and communicating efficiently with physicians
  • Assigning relevant patient and clinical data with the right team members

Secure Messaging

Connectivity using multimedia messages, images, and audio, while maintaining security compliance and improving patient safety.

Nurse Call

Connexall integrates with your nurse call system to receive alert notifications, allowing you to prioritize and take appropriate action quickly.

Notification Integration

Connexall integrates with your alert systems to drastically decrease noise and alert fatigue and proactively notify any potential risks. Assignment-based routing, alarm escalation, and configurable notification behaviour ensures the appropriate nurse or clinician receive the proper notification most efficiently, leveraging functionalities that help you prioritize and triage.

Health Services Teams

Connexall supports efficient and safe transitioning of patients between departments and during shift changes right at the bedside.

Connexall enables primary and secondary notification and assessment of facility operations, patient statuses, allied health assignments, labs, vitals, and triage between all levels of facility operations.

Your allied health team represents the primary users of the Connexall solution, since they are recipients of secondary notifications:

  • Facility Services, Maintenance (BAS, Fire Panel solutions)
  • Housekeeping (EVS solutions)
  • Porters, Transport (Transport solutions)
  • Clerical/Admin (Unit Clerks, Admins, etc. who access any Connexall solution)
  • Biomed, Medical Engineering (Support Nurse Call and Patient Monitor solutions)

Offering caregivers unparalleled convenience at the point of care. Integrated communications support streamlined care coordination and enables explicit patient responsibility and notification management around the clock.

IT Professionals

Connexall’s managed solution streamlines implementation and eliminates ongoing IT cost and maintenance burdens. Connexall supports the delivery of high-impact solutions and provides quality customer service to frontline clinical teams. Our solution unifies clinical notifications, communication, and organic insights to maximize ROI and care team fluidity.

The Connexall team works relentlessly to ensure successful implementation and adoption so that you and your staff achieve the desired results. Connexall combines secure messaging, notifications, nurse call integration, clinical workflows, assessments, and more across a single platform to improve productivity and clinical outcomes.

The single-application design supports shared devices and BYOD users. It uniquely adapts to each user’s care role persona and profile, delivering relevant patient, clinical, allied health, and facility operations to the right person at the right time in all communications, alarms, and notifications.

Connexall supports rapid deployment and dramatically reduces costs:

  • API’s automate data integration and offload implementation and maintenance
  • Direct SIP integration and automated extension assignment simplify deployment, dial-plan maintenance, and ongoing support
  • On-call scheduling plug-ins for seamless integration with all major vendors
  • Connexall managed rolling and phased upgrades and multi-data centre failover synchronization for high-availability
  • Integration designs for all primary Nurse Call, monitoring, dynamic care team assignment, notification, and scheduling systems

Healthcare Executives

Connexall’s clinical-grade communication platform is designed for security, high availability, scalability, and rapid deployment to physicians, nurses, and ancillary teams across the health system.

The Connexall platform enables delivery and reporting on care intervention workflows from any connected device. This helps standardize care delivery practices and the facilitation of efficient reporting without compromising patient identification.

Reporting is updated back to the EMR in real-time, enabling more precise alert identification, escalation management, facility administration, staff and patient satisfaction.


Connexall allows you to break out of the cycle of single-purpose devices and single-point applications providing an essential unified aspect for a sound interoperability strategy. Connexall streamlines communication with clinical workflows from the ground up to deliver an enterprise solution that grows with your people.

  • Adherence to processes and regulations
  • Risk and security breach management
  • Boots real-time delivery of patient care
  • Infrastructure, IT, and operational support
  • Enhance business continuity and operational recovery
  • Design policies that facilitate enhanced healing environments
  • Increase hospital performance, efficiency, safety, and satisfaction
  • Provide leadership for strategic planning to integrate multiple vendors
  • Optimize the healthcare technology ecosystem to improve workflow and reduce costs