Building a Connected Hospital

A successful digital transformation strategy can help create a truly connected health care environment, provide total visibility into hospital systems and event notifications, and ensure complete control of strategic mandates.

Providing the
Outcomes you need


Improve patient experiences, by delivering enhanced healing environments.

Clinical Care

Unify all clinical tasks to one place, while simplifying workload and delivering peace of mind.

IT Professionals

Interoperable with your existing investments, Connexall maximizes return and reduces device and vendor management costs.

Health Services

Simplify housekeeping and transport staff workflow by delivering actionable, real-time patient information in clear, priority-sorted alarms.

Healthcare Executives

Connexall improves patient safety by eliminating risk, immediately notifying staff of critical labs, and responding to patients immediately.

Reduction in Clinical Response Time
Decrease in Bed Turnover Time
Decrease in Patient Wait Times

Enable Superior
Care with MobileConnex

With MobileConnex, health care facilities can improve their workflow experience and receive alarm notifications, real-time alarm updates, and enable secure text messaging between users.

Alarm notifications are a powerful and intuitive tool with intelligent options to acknowledge, escalate and activate alerts, and the ability to initiate workflows and analyze patterns  
Secure messaging allows for quick, seamless, and user-friendly messaging that meets all health care safety regulations 
Web requests provide access to active team and code protocols from any device, enabling effective communication, engagement, and task management 
My Assignments empower users with personalized and enhanced active assignment visibility 

Business Insights and Analytics

Achieve enhanced patient care through innovative, organic data integration and actionable insights. 

Presenting meaningful insight from integrated system responses to help you realize strategic objectives and meet regulatory requirements. 
Set performance baselines, achieve workflow efficiencies for patient safety and satisfaction, improve alarm management practice to increase overall clinical satisfaction. 
Connexall captures organic data from all connected systems and each interaction during an event’s lifecycle to provide high-level, real-time outcome visibility.

Leading the Market

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