Connexall is committed to the ongoing research and the development of innovative solutions that will help our customers deliver the highest quality of care.

We help you improve the patient journey.

Refined user functionality and alarm management

Interoperability and seamless integration are essential for improved healthcare facility operations.

  • Connexall uses assignment inputs from EMR, nurse call and other systems to provide a single-assignment and hybrid-assignment experience to minimize dual data entry for care teams
  • Mass enterprise alerting solution allows immediate alerting to all hospital workstations
  • Web-based messaging and paging console
  • Reduced clinical alarm fatigue through a decrease in alarms dispatched
  • The “overflow mode” alarm adds an additional level of care

Enhanced product features

Constant improvement is not just a slogan, it’s the way we operate. Our platform is the result of this commitment, delivering:

    • Performance improvements
    • Scalability enhancements to support larger and complex sites
    • Efficient background administration and management

Improved safety and security

Healthcare facilities are increasingly adopting mobile devices to access and share patient information across separate systems. For health care professionals and their patients, data privacy is critical. Therefore, Connexall continues to invest in tools that ensure the safe access and exchange of sensitive information between clinical staff.

  • Privacy-laws-compliant and secure text messaging
  • Centralized user/system audit logging management
  • Tracking, logging, and auditing for assignments and database changes
  • Comprehensive reporting of user-level interactions
  • Extended SSL/TLS support to all TCP server integrations