We take great pride in our testing regimen because we know that even the most elegant solutions can fail to deliver their benefits without it. And it doesn’t matter how innovative an implementation is if it wasn’t rigorously tested.

Our key deliverables include:

• A fully configured system based upon approved design specifications
• System interfaces and related documentation
• Completed and comprehensive test plans
• Training materials and end-user training
• Readiness review

You can download the full list of key deliverables below.

“Connexall did an excellent job. They were very flexible with scheduling and able to answer questions during the project. The outcome of the project met all our of goals. I don’t have any complaints.”

Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital, System Administrator

“We were completely satisfied with the assistance and guidance from Connexall. They have been responsive and integral to delivering successful and impactful clinical notification programs. We and the stakeholders have been complementary of some of the latest programs implemented.”

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Technical Project Manager

“Connexall has provided me with excellent customer service when I need it the most. I rely on the technical support team tremendously and I am thankful they are there 24 hours a day! The project was successful as we had to implement a change to numerous records in a time sensitive manner.” 

University of Kentucky , Client Technology Analyst II