The power of Connexall in the palm of your hand

We are the pioneers of clinical communication

Utilize the full Connexall workflow experience and receive alarm notifications, real-time alarm updates, personalized assignments, and secure text messaging through a single source.


  • Consolidate notifications from a variety of sources (medical equipment as well as clinical and facility system sources)
  • Handle concurrent alarms with convenient sort-by priority and duration toggles
  • Know the context, with EMR and location service data enriched alarms
  • Analyze patterns, trends, and workloads with a search-and-sort alarm history

My Assignments feature ​

Nurses, physicians, support staff and IT professionals can view and modify assignments directly from their devices. A simplified user experience improves care team coordination, optimizes existing systems, and gives teams time back in their day.

  • View and modify role-based assignments from all possible sources
  • Enable the self-assign feature to choose, easily update, and/or clear assignments
  • Organize roles by facility, service line, unit, and rooms

Team collaboration and secure messaging

  • Care team collaboration that ensures privacy-law-compliance
  • One-to-one, one-to-many and broadcast-only messaging options
  • Image and file attachment capability
  • Regular and urgent message types to allow for message priority set up
  • Message delivery status tracking
  • Access to notification history

MobileConnex provides customizable display and notification sound based on alarm priority. It is hosted on your premises, so you fully own, manage, and secure the infrastructure.