We are extremely proud of the relationships we build with our customers. They are based on a meaningful partnership and we are always available to answer any questions or support our clients 24/7.

Such claims are easy to make but harder to prove. We really care about what our customers have to say about us, so below are just some of our clients’ stories and comments regarding Connexall as a company, our products, and our customer support.

Connexall is still the bar by which I measure all vendors; and, as I’ve learned from colleagues at other hospitals, I am not alone in my thinking.

IWK – Enterprise Solution and MobileConnex

Marwan Abouelela

Project Manager, Clinical Informatics

Marwan shares insights and best practices regarding the Connexall Enterprise platform and MobileConnex at IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Avera Health – Patient Alarm and Disaster Recovery

Candice Friestad

Assistant Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Candice shares how their disaster recovery plan helped them relocate patients and staff efficiently after three EF2 tornadoes in Sioux Falls. They recovered from this event with only seven minor injuries.

Stanford Health Care – Unique Solutions and Outstanding Support

David Shively

Clinical Communications Engineer

David explains how his team partnered with Connexall to develop customized, unique solutions that could potentially solve problems in other hospitals around the U.S.

CAMH – High Availability

Jonathon Tunstead

Manager, Telecommunications and Safety Systems

Jonathon shares his opinion on high availability and its critical purpose in the facility.

Stanford Children's Health – Facility-Wide Alarm Management

Aniket Nadkarni

IT Systems Manager

Aniket shares his experience with Connexall’s unique alarm management capabilities. Specifically, he describes the patented co-location feature and how it has impacted patient-centered care at Stanford Children’s Health.

Fraser Health – Centralized Monitoring Unit and Connexall Support

Miodrag Kapikul

Portfolio Manager, Corporate Information Services

Miodrag describes how Fraser Health implemented centralized monitoring units—with Connexall at the center—to dispatch important alarms.

University of Chicago – WorldConnex Event

Fernando Maturell

Lead Business Systems Analyst, Clinical Communications

Fernando explains why WorldConnex was an important career investment.

Arkansas Children's Hospital - Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Lori McCauley

Assistant Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Lori explains why High Availability should be included in any Disaster Recovery plan.