Connexall Training Academy

It doesn’t matter how brilliant a solution is if its users haven’t been properly trained. This is why we work with staff to provide comprehensive training on our solutions.

Connexall designs tailored training to ensure that all our clients know how to use our platform. The classes are designed to fit around the clients’ shift schedules and other requirements.  

The classes are aimed at two audiences:

• clinical end users, whose curriculum is focused on daily use in the healthcare facility 

• supervisors, who will be the Connexall point of contact at the organization and who will be providing on-site support as needed

Connexall Essentials (CE) E-Learning Course

The self-paced CE course is delivered through the Connexall Academy. It provides the students with a non-technical introduction to Connexall, its many components and solutions, and its integration to the ever-expanding technology within the healthcare and long-term care environments.

It offers insights into common administrative and management tasks using the Device Assignment Client (DAC) and the Report Management Client (RMC).

The students will also be introduced to our pre-configured reports and to the flexible advanced reports.

The course consists of the following modules:


Editions and Solutions

Block Diagram 

High Availability (HA)

  • Input Clients
  • Output Clients
  • User Interface Clients
  • DAC Introduction
  • Active Alarms Tab
  • Virtual Callpoints Tab
  • DAC Assignments
  • User Group Assignments
  • DAC Unit View Tab
  • DAC Manual Paging Tab
  • Introduction
  • Web Reports

Antivirus and other


The Connexall Essentials course is available with an active service maintenance agreement (SMA). 

Connexall Administrator Training (CA) Leader led

The four-day Connexall Administration training certification is provided as part of a project or as a billable investment. Connexall Administrator training may be conducted either onsite, or leader led, through a remote Microsoft Teams invitation.

Provided that the site is using the minimum compatible version of our software solution, we offer either version of the Connexall Administrator (CA) Training course (virtual or in-person), combining the elements of the CE course and the deeper technical dive into common administrative tasks and troubleshooting. 

The CA training content is extremely hands-on and students create their own virtual Connexall hospital. Certification is granted upon successful completion of the course.

We are working towards creating a combination of e-learning and live instructor content for this training solution. 

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Connexall designs tailored training classes to provide the knowledge required to use the Connexall platform. These classes are provided preferentially on site within the customer’s Connexall environment or alternatively at our Toronto HQ. The classes are optimized to cover either clinical end-users, with the curriculum oriented for daily users of the Connexall platform in the hospital community, or supervisors with the curriculum oriented for providing end-user Connexall support at the organization.

Connexall understands the round-the-clock nature of hospitals, so we offer classes in accordance with our customers’ shift and day requirements.

For more information on Connexall’s training, please submit your inquiries to or contact us at 1-866-556-3377. Please identify the training content requirements, number of people, their roles and preferred class timeframe(s).