Workflow and Patient Flow Optimization

CHLC was faced with a series of highly complex processes that were crucial to patient health and safety but were not very flexible. Any potential solutions could not compromise safety or patient health in any way. This made it difficult to radically redesign procedures. In collaboration with Connexall, CHLC performed a comprehensive systemic analysis to find areas in which redesigned workflow and technology could have a substantial impact on productivity. At the end of that process, they targeted three areas: simplifying OR processes where possible; improving inter-hospital patient transfers; and accelerating responses to staff and patient requests for supplies and services.

“Connexall optimizes communications and reduces waiting times. It’s even had an indirect impact on our ability to better manage human resources. Connexall works well in OR spaces, but it’s even more effective once it’s implemented throughout an entire hospital”

Mercedes Bilbao
Chief Operating Nurse
CHLC, Lisbon, Portugal