Dräger Patient Monitor Waveform Integration with Alarm Management

Before Connexall, when the patient monitor reached a specific threshold, the nurses responsible for that patient would be alerted on an alphanumeric pager with a text message and a low-quality waveform. While this allowed nurses to remain mobile, it created two issues. First, every alarm was sent to the nurse, regardless of whether it was critical; and with the low quality of the waveform image, the nurse would have to go to the patient’s bedside to determine the severity of the alarm. Second, each alarm would notify multiple nurses who had no way of knowing whether another nurse was responding.

“We needed a solution that could monitor waveforms as well as vital signs and were looking for something to incorporate all the systems we already had in place.”

Peggy Tipton RV, BSN
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer
Oklahoma Heart Institute