Holland Centre Patient Orientation Program Flow Solution

As an initial attempt to try to solve the issue of long wait times and long walks between each part of patients’ assessments, the Holland Centre opted to place the administrative staff from all units in the same physical space. In addition to using the daily generated PICIS booking list report to keep track of the patients’ visits, a manual whiteboard with coloured magnets was also installed. Although this system showed the patients’ journey through the system, the information was only available at the Patient Orientation Program (POP) reception desk. This meant that to be informed where to go next, patients had to return to the POP desk multiple times, which resulted in several problems, including lengthy patient visits due to constant delays and bottlenecks, low levels of patient satisfaction, and inefficient resource management. It was therefore urgent to find a technology that would enable the elimination of the whiteboard and bridge the communication between patient status, location, and the POP team.

“Very satisfied. The benefits are clear and the situation has improved considerably. Before the Connexall team worked on a solution they were very familiar with the issues and the working of the department and as a result the product that they produced was exactly what we needed to improve the patient flow in the POP Department”

Marilyn Bogle
Project Manager
Holland Centre