Nebraska Medicine – Web Paging

The clinical informatics team at Nebraska Medicine remotely supports 150 beds across four COVID-19-designated units. Work instructions were often sent to different teams based on the nature of the request. However, this became challenging in the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment due to remote connectivity requirements. The team required a web-based solution that could be rapidly deployed and easy to use for nontechnical remote staff.

“I love the ability of Connexall as a system to handle loads of data. It works well when you are doing a large amount of messaging. In my experience, other alarm management vendors cannot process this capacity of data. Connexall has exceeded our expectations as far as how fast it was deployed and ease of use. I think we can build off of this for other use cases. This will do a lot for us in the critical alert space.”

Ben Greska, Solutions Architect
Information Technology Services
Nebraska Medicine