Celebrating Reconnection: WorldConnex 2023, Transforming Connected Care, One Digital Journey at a Time

It’s been a long four years. We’ve felt every day of the separation, every unshaken hand, every unexchanged idea, every unrealized opportunity. But the time has come to gather once more, to reconnect and to reimagine a future made brighter through shared insights and experiences. Welcome to WorldConnex 2023.

WorldConnex, as many of you remember, has always been a unique assembly of like-minded individuals, a vibrant and energetic congregation of innovators and visionaries from all over the globe. And this year, the energy is even more palpable as we come together for the first time since the pandemic hit in 2019.

The Heart of Our Conference: Reconnection
In the time we’ve been apart, the world has experienced a dramatic digital transformation. Now, more than ever, our lives are interconnected through digital threads, woven into a global tapestry of shared knowledge. This shift has fundamentally changed how we live, work, and communicate, transforming our approach to connected care.

Yet, while our digital connections have undoubtedly been a lifeline in these challenging times, there’s no substitute for the power of in-person connections. The richness of face-to-face conversations, the nuance of body language, the magic of ideas sparked by a chance encounter – these are the elements of human interaction that we’ve missed, and that we’re excited to reignite at WorldConnex 2023.

Why Reconnecting in Person is Essential
Here are just a few reasons why we believe reconnecting in person at WorldConnex 2023 is both important and exciting:

  • Authentic Connections: The depth of connection we can achieve in person goes beyond what is possible through a digital screen. This environment allows for genuine relationships to develop, grow, and be nurtured.
  • Spontaneous Collaboration: There’s something to be said about the spontaneous moments of collaboration that only occur in a shared physical space. These serendipitous moments can foster innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Energized Learning: Learning in an in-person setting often generates an energy that’s hard to replicate. Engaging with speakers directly and having lively discussions with peers can lead to a more enriching learning experience.
  • Shared Experiences: Shared experiences create lasting memories and strengthen our community. Whether it’s a thought-provoking keynote, an enlightening workshop, or an informal conversation over coffee, these collective backgrounds enrich our conference and our relationships.

See You in San Diego!