Connexall featured on Invest Ontario

Invest Ontario is a division of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and the province’s central agency for promoting Ontario as a top-tier destination for investment and strategic business growth. It supports strategic domestic firms and attracts business from around the world. And we are very proud to have been recognized by them for innovation in health care.

The recent article on the Invest Ontario website describes Connexall’s contributions to improving operations in hospitals around the world.

“In emergency departments, operating rooms and hospital wards across Canada, the United States and Europe, Health IT solutions created by an Ontario, Canada innovator work intelligently behind the scenes to streamline workflows, improve safety and, ultimately, enhance outcomes for thousands of patients each year.”

The article describes our beginnings and delves in a little more detail into how we help hospitals improve the ways they deliver their care. It also describes one of our patented solutions:

One Connexall solution, called Do Not Notify When Co-Located, responded to the challenge of unnecessary alarms clinicians get even when they’re in the same room as the patient in question. “This was distracting and, in one children’s hospital, left the patients’ parents wondering why nurses were on their phones so much when caring for their child,” says Erry [Connexall Executive Vice President]. “Connexall’s solution suppresses the alarms when it detects that the staff member is inside the patient’s room. This solution silenced over 40 per cent of unnecessary alarms within the first three months of deployment in that particular hospital and created a quieter environment that is more conducive to healing.”

We were also very proud to have been recognized for our contributions to helping hospitals address their coronavirus challenges quickly and efficiently through rapid deployment, seamless integration, and 24/7 support throughout the pandemic. This has always been one of our priorities and scaling it to help our clients address the new challenges was an obvious and urgent need.

Although we, as a company, are honoured to have been showcased by Invest Ontario, we are even more proud on behalf of our employees. They do their best every day because they know that what they do matters. And having been recognized as one of Ontario’s success stories gives them some well-deserved and objective recognition for what they do every day.

To view the complete article, please visit InvestOntario
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