Connexall Works with Markham Stouffville Hospital to Fulfill its Commitment to Digital Transformation

Canadian Healthcare Technology, one of the country’s most influential and popular healthcare industry magazines, featured Connexall and one of its customers, the Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH), in its June/July edition.

This article describes the commitment of MSH to digital transformation and their take on this very common challenge to improve patient care. In fact, “its ‘smart hospital’ strategy, launched five years ago, demonstrates that investments in digital technologies lead to faster, more effective care and higher levels of patient satisfaction.”

The vision for change came after realizing how disconnected nurses felt from their patients due to the hospital’s large footprint. Being able to check in with the patients and receive alerts on their mobile devices instead of going to the central station was the way forward. So in 2016, MSH partnered with Connexall to help make their innovative ideas reality.

According to the article, “providing mobile tools for nurses on the floor (…)  enhances overall collaboration as it allows them to easily connect with patients, colleagues, other units in the hospital, along with clinical specialists and porters as needed (porters use the solution to speed up transport and improve patient flow).” In fact, lab results can go directly to the attending nurse and even calls from family members of the patients can be forwarded to the right person on the floor.

MSH is committed to its digital transformation, and they are well aware of the fact that patients need and want innovation more than ever. Virtual care from home is now a necessity and remote and digital services are not just an additional service, they are expected by the patients.

Overall patient experience should be as seamless as possible, whether it involves remote care or is focused solely on in-patient services. But it’s important to remember that “when it comes to technology, what may be a gold standard today quickly becomes just the standard, so ongoing innovation is key.”

That’s why Connexall is so proud to have partnered with MSH. Their commitment to their patients and digital transformation mixed with Connexall’s dedication to always moving the goalposts of innovation are a recipe for success.

We are very happy that our partnership was featured in the article and hope to continue contributing to MSH’s success.

To view the complete article, please visit the Canadian Healthcare Technology Magazine.
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