MGH leverages Connexall to enable its SMART Hospital expansion

Once again we are featured with one of our customers on the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine, one of the country’s most influential and popular healthcare industry magazines. This time in collaboration with Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) on the cover of the November/December edition.

This article talks about MGH expanding its site with a new building opening in late 2022, the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, s the largest construction project in the hospital’s history. At the same time, they are using this opportunity to expand the use of Connexall’s enterprise platform to re-design healthcare and create an intelligent, “connected” hospital.

One of the key challenges identified was how to connect people and equipment in real-time so it is possible to communicate instantly and locate people and resources ASAP. This is where MGH chose to leverage our current partnership, using our vendor and device agnostic platform to connect their systems and devices. One of those solutions is our mobile app MobileConnex, which will be a standard tool delivering information from a multitude of systems and allowing instant communication from a single device. Sandy Saggar, SVP Innovation, Analytics and CIO at Connexall shared, “We are excited about MGH enabling their clinicians with our Enterprise Connected Hospital Solution, with a mobile-first strategy utilizing MobileConnex to prioritize all the alerts and messages they receive on any given shift. We need to help clinicians manage their workload, especially with burnout on the rise, with tools to enable their day-to-day workflows, in turn, improving the patient experience.”

MGH and Connexall have been working together since 2009, some examples of solutions already in place are nurse call integrated to mobile devices and critical event management as a code blue or code pink. When the new tower goes live, the hospital will expand its use of the company’s enterprise platform to include support to outpatient clinics including day surgery, complex continuing care, and the maternal newborn areas. In this new building, Connexall will collect and process all desired alarms and deliver them through MobileConnex to the appropriate people.

MGH is taking this opportunity to do more with Connexall, integrating it to Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, RTLS, EMR and many more. Amelia Hoyt, CIO at Michael Garron Hospital, stated “The hospital is undergoing substantial transformation of it digital maturity through this and other technology upgrades which will better position us for the future of care delivery,”. As clinicians will be moving over from the existing building to the new tower that will be using many new and improved systems, a training program is being set up in conjunction with Connexall to ensure a smooth transition and adoption.

Connexall is very proud to have partnered with MGH on its path to become a true “connected” hospital, continuing the shift towards modernized healthcare delivery, which depends on fast and accurate information.

We are very proud that this partnership was featured on the cover of Canadian Healthcare Technology and hope to continue contributing to MGH’s evolution and success.

To view the complete article, please visit the Canadian Healthcare Technology Magazine.
To view the complete article, please visit the Canadian Healthcare Technology Magazine.