We continue to work with our customers to understand and support their COVID-19 needs. Rapid deployment, seamless integration, and immediate 24/7 support remain our top priorities.


How we helped

  • Ensured a smooth conversion from operating rooms to isolation rooms by expanding the Connexall network
  • Integrated AI Voice Assistant

Customer innovations​

Converting non-traditional locations to COVID-19 units

A leading New York specialty hospital wanted to ensure a smooth conversion from operating rooms to COVID-19 isolation rooms. They needed efficient ways to admit as many patients as possible.

This entire hospital converted from surgical units to general units and admitted patients with and without COVID-19. Connexall integrated to GE patient monitors to build out new units. Connexall also integrated with additional patient monitors in non-traditional locations to increase bed capacity.

This hospital was able to quickly increase their capacity (as mandated by the New York government) to allow for more COVID-19 patients to be treated.


How we helped

  • Integrated with ventilators to send alarms to devices
  • Created new call points for ventilator locations
  • Expanded Connexall hierarchy to add floors/units that were closed and not previously in use

Customer innovations

Adding ventilator alarms into non-traditional locations

A leading healthcare network in Michigan expanded their COVID-19 care units to increase patient capacity and needed to configure new ventilator alarms to appropriately notify staff.

Connexall expanded the system to add floors and units that were closed and not previously in use. Connexall added ventilator alarms to existing units that previously did not have ventilators. Across this network of hospitals, Connexall helped to open six new COVID-19 units.

Staff are now able to receive alarms and alerts from new areas that accommodate additional COVID-19 patients. This reduces the number of times that staff must go in and out of isolation units and maintains efficiency of alarm management.


How we helped

  • Connexall Unit Whiteboard provides visibility into COVID-19 units, including patient status, room availability, and staff assignments
  • Addition of COVID-19 patient status to transport alarms
  • Integration with additional clinical mobile devices to allow for more efficient staff communication

Customer innovations

Web paging at Nebraska Medicine

The team at Nebraska Medicine faced communication challenges due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment. Download the case study to learn how Connexall helped.

Solving Communication Challenges at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Central

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at CHULC quickly realized that they would need to improve timely awareness of, and response to, COVID-19-positive patients. Download the case study to learn how Connexall helped.

Protecting transport staff

This leading Canadian hospital wanted to add COVID-19 to their patient transport isolation list. This was necessary to ensure that the transport staff would always be notified if the patient they were assigned to had COVID-19.

Connexall added COVID-19 to a global message list used by all units. When a patient transport request was entered, an option to indicate a positive COVID-19 case on the request was available.

Transport staff were immediately notified when a patient had COVID-19. This meant that they can take the necessary precautions when transporting the patient.

Maintaining communication protocols

A Canadian healthcare network required a way to quickly add additional staff to their communication network.

Connexall provided 20 additional clinical devices through our partner, Spectralink, and installed our MobileConnex solution.

Transport staff are immediately notified when a patient has COVID-19. This means they can take the necessary precautions when transporting the patient.

Configuring ventilator alarms in COVID-19 ICUs

This West Coast hospital required ventilator alarms from their ICU to be sent through Rauland to staff iPhones. The site wanted to take precautions as they were expecting an increase in COVID-19 cases in their state.

Connexall integrated into the hospital’s existing technology to enable sending ventilator alarms to their staff. These alarms exist in 36 ICU rooms.

The staff can receive ventilator alarms from COVID-19 ICU rooms through their devices, which allows them to respond quickly and appropriately.

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