Understanding the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

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We continue to work with our customers to understand and support their COVID-19 requirements, ensuring that their patients and frontline staff are safe.

Rapid deployment, seamless integration and immediate 24 / 7 support remain our top priorities. Recent examples of how we have helped our customers include:

  • Conversion – several customers asked for assistance with the conversion of Operating Rooms to COVID-19 isolation rooms. Our team has provided solutions to help reduce the amount of time that a hospital’s staff spends in an isolation room.
  • Expansion – as hospitals expand into more units to increase patient capacity, we have helped customers by ensuring rapid integration into ventilators and telemetry monitoring systems. This has helped our customers send alarms and alerts to front line staff, from ad hoc locations.
  • Communication – our customers requested greater protection for their staff while transporting patients. Connexall notifications include COVID-19 patient status to ensure that staff are better prepared, prior to transporting patients.

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It is important to understand the impacts of COVID-19 and how to mitigate against risk.

At Connexall, we are monitoring the outbreak carefully and working closely with our customers to ensure that we are prepared to address their needs. The following is intended to share industry resources to help manage through this situation and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Disclaimer: Connexall cannot confirm the accuracy of the information in the websites listed below. The purpose of including these websites is to share publicly available information.


In our digital world, access to information can be often seem overwhelming. Armed with the right information, is the first step in building an emergency preparedness plan for your team and stakeholders. The following health agencies offer resources to address ongoing updates to the current situation of COVID-19.

American Public Health Association
World Health Organization
Public Health Agency of Canada
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


With any outbreak, risk of a virus spreading is a critical concern. The more prepared we are, the better we can mitigate against further risk. The following provides useful information to help healthcare providers prepare for COVID-19:

a) Insight from Agencies and Associations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​

COVID-19 Healthcare Planning Checklist

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings

Steps Healthcare Facilities Can Take Now to Prepare for Coronavirus

American Nurses Association

A comprehensive guide for Nurses to understand general impact of COVID-19, best practices and resources to deal with the virus.

American Association for Post Acute Care

American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing has shared an information hub for RNs and LPNs working in long term and post-acute care

b) Insight from Leading Hospitals:

The Connexall Customer Advisory Board is comprised of several leading healthcare provides in the USA and Canada. Here are some of the ways they are keeping their communities safe, and useful resources from their sites.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Key Facts and What It Means for People with Cancer.

CDC Flyer: What you need to know about COVID-19
If a child is exhibiting symptoms of COVID- 19
Sequence for Donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Updates on Niagara Health commitment to infection prevention and control, including new COVID-19 assessment centres open up in Niagara region.

Mental Health and COVID-19


Caring for the caregivers is of critical importance to us, as their tireless efforts will surely be tested during this outbreak. With the increasing number of cases that fill their healthcare facilities, the following play important roles in minimizing the risk of infection to caregivers:

  • Assess your facility’s secure messaging strategy to ensure caregivers stay in constant communication with each other, receive updates on hospital-wide emergencies and exchange real-time patient information.
  • Deploy effective tools to remotely monitor patients, assess their conditions and send updates on scheduling reminders and changes to minimize non-essential visits.
  • Leverage RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) to improve supply chain and infection control management, by tracking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilators, and pumps.
  • Utilize data from RTLS to monitor room cleaning cycles, to ensure proper protocols are met when a patient is discharged.
  • Track the path of infected patients and their caregivers, using data from digital tracking boards. Run comprehensive reporting to isolate the source of infection and infected areas.
  • Provide training to staff to self-monitor for COVID-19, following guides such as this one.

Message on COVID-19 from Connexall President and CEO

COVID-19 Resource Hub